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K-9 Perfection, LLC

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K-9 Perfection, LLC


(920) 682-1185


1419 N 2nd St
Manitowoc Wisconsin 54220




k9perfection.net DBA K-9 Perfection, LLC is Certified by USADT and they have passed the requirements to become accredited by USADT and a member in good standing.

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Dog Trainer SAFETY SCORE: 9


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License Status K-9

K-9 Perfection, LLC
Manitowoc Wisconsin

K-9 Perfection, LLC is licensed in Manitowoc Wisconsin when they became certified by the United States Association of Dog Trainers and they are current with all Manitowoc requirements for operation.
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The company's last known address was
1419 N 2nd St Manitowoc Wisconsin

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