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Off Leash K9 Training Knoxville

Off Leash K9 Training Knoxville

Phone: (865) 383-3647

Address: 3511 Overlook Cir
Knoxville Tennessee 37909

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ANY Breed, ANY Age, ANY Size. Off Leash K9 is very excited to bring Professional Dog Training to the East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and Western North Carolina, areas. If your dog exhibits any the following, we can help you. Won’t come when you call him Chews on things that he shouldn’t People aggression Dog aggression Won’t listen to you when you tell him to do something (sit, down, etc) Jumps on people/counters Drags you down the street on the leash OR, if you have EVER thought about giving your dog back to the place where you got him……. What We Do: Off Leash K9 trains regular household dogs to have the same level of obedience as dogs in the military and law enforcement. You have seen dogs that can walk with their owners down the street and be well-behaved in stores, outdoor seating restaurants, and public places. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish my dog could behave in public like this?” How We Do It: Off Leash K9 conducts personalized one-on-one private obedience lessons with owners and dogs, utilizing marker and e-collar training for obedience. . E-collars are NOT shock collars, they actually use TENS unit technology, just like what you would experience at a physical therapy office or chiropractor visit. We additionally do dog behavior consultations and teach owners to understand why the dog is doing what he's doing. We provide owners with the tools to resolve unwanted behaviors, and ultimately bring the dog back into line, becoming the productive member of the family that he was always meant to be. This training can literally save dogs’ lives! Most people incorporate their dog into their life. The dog IS your family. The way your dog acts can make your life a dream…..or a nightmare. You send your child to school……why wouldn’t you send your dog to school to learn good behavior? Regardless of Breed, Size, Shape or Age, most dogs can be trained to have AMAZING obedience!

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Filed by Heather Albert May 20, 2019

We started Off leash K-9 training desperate for help with our 1 year old Charcol lab named Charlie. She knew a lot of basic commands but would not listen when prompted. She was out of control whenever we would get company, she would always great everyone with a lift of her nose to their nether-region! Needless to say, people were less then thrilled with the thrust of our large Lab pup’s nose to their private parts

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