Dog Trainer Marketing Ideas

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Dog Trainer Marketing Ideas

Trying to earn dog training related qualifications can be difficult, but eventually when you are ready you can open your own dog dog training center and storefront. 

Coming up with new marketing ideas for your storefront displays can be hard. Here are a few suggestions on what to do to make your storefront look more attractive to new customers and the dogs that you might end up training.

Change The Look of Your Dog Training Facility Storefront:

Innovative Store Names

Names have to be different and catchy for the storefront to look attractive. The name of your dog training center has to be differentiated as the name and the storefront itself go hand in hand. The storefront and the name should represent what you are offering and what is shown on the storefront. 

For example School of Dogs and The Dog Door are unique names that instantly attract a customer’s attention.


A series of posters throughout your facility that include pictures of yourself are a great way to show your professionalism. 

This is a great way to advertise your face and the skills and qualifications you possess to the prospective customer.

Just imagine an owner of a dog is walking along the sidewalk and there are no poster that advertise the uniqueness of your own training center, and he just simply brushes it off. Be sure to place a poster with your face and skills on it right up on the storefront glass of your training center.

Training Video on a TV:

Have an expert film you and your dogs while training so that you can play this video on a Television that is installed right into storefront window, unless your facility is in a bad neighbor hood or you don’t have impact glass, lol. 

This will show your training session to prospective customers. They will be more likely to think of you as a professional dog trainer if they see you in dog training videos.

Have Dog Shows in Front of Your Store:

This could be a live show if TV is not your thing and prospective customers will see the event as they pass by and stop to enjoy the show. Live dog shows will prove to them that you are capable enough to train a dog and they will be more comfortable with you training their dog and possibly hire you right on the site.

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